Clinical Studies


Intradialytic exercise increases cardiac power index

Authors: Brent Momb, Samuel Arlington Headley, Tracey Matthews, Michael J. Germain In conclusion, exercise during dialysis may decrease the likelihood of experiencing ischemic or hypotensive events by enhancing myocardial perfusion through increasing CPI and ̇Q.

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Impedance cardiography revisited

Authors: G Cotter1, A Schachner2, L Sasson2, H Dekel2 and Y Moshkovitz3 Conclusion: The present CO results measured by the NICaS device indicate that, with regard to the accuracy of measuring the CO, the RIC

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Gestational Hypertension

Cardiac index in pregnancy – friend or foe

Authors: Maya Ram, Anat Lavie, Shaul Lev, Yair Blecher, Yael Shulman, Tomer Avnon, Eran Weiner, Ariel Many Conclusion: The purpose of the study was to assess the reliability of CO vs. CI in healthy pregnant

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Heart failure

Go with the flow

Overview: Thermodilution using a pulmonary artery catheter is considered the gold standard in measuring cardiac output. However. Drawbacks associated with the technique have prompted clinicians to seek less invasive options. But these alternatives have their

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