Neonatal and Pediatric General and Cardiac Anesthesia and ICU

Bari Pediatric Hospital Experience-Italy

R Beck , L Milella , C Labellarte

We compared the NICaS data in double-check with a pediatric algorithm using a CardioQ ultrasonograph cardiac evaluation device (CardioQ, Deltex medical; terminus RD, Chichester P019 8TX; United Kingdom).
We noticed that there was a good relation between the comparative data: these first results have been already presented [11].
Soon after, we studied 41 neonatal and pediatric patients who had undergone cardiac surgery, urologic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and general surgery, and we compared the two systems
data: Cardiac Output. Heart Rate, Cardiac Index, Stroke Volume, Total Peripheral Resistance Index, Total body Water, Cardiac Power Index.
The statistical and clinical were absolutely satisfactory and the algorithm has been validated.

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