Gestational Hypertension

NICaS is designed to assist physicians to determine the exact cause of hypertension for preeclampsia management. NICaS is based on patients’ objective hemodynamic parameters, allowing physicians to reach a deeper understanding of the dynamics concerning each patient’s hypertension and to improve preeclampsia management.


Preeclampsia and eclampsia significantly increase the risks of maternal and perinatal adverse outcomes. These may include placental abruption, preterm birth, and low birthweight.

Preeclampsia management focuses primarily on maternal hypertension therapy. This can reduce the risk of severe hypertensive episodes and safely prolong gestation.

There is no accepted standard for the management of preeclampsia.


With NICaS, physicians can more effectively prescribe the proper medication for the right cause of hypertension.

Enabling personalized treatment suited to the individual hemodynamic profile.

NICaS data can assist in eliminating hypertension as a risk factor that can cause complications during pregnancy: preeclampsia, etc.

Preeclampsia In Numbers:

10% of all pregnancies are impacted by hypertension

14% of all maternal deaths worldwide are due to hypertensive disorders

46% of women with gestational hypertension will progress to preeclampsia

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