NICaS is designed to assist physicians to determine the patient’s body composition and the cause of intradialytic hypertension. Furthermore, the hypotension diagnosis is based on patients’ objective hemodynamic parameters. These parameters provide physicians with a deeper understanding of the total dynamics that affect each patient’s individual hemodynamic status. With NICaS, physicians can more effectively determine the proper dry weight and the dialysis session plan.


Determining the patient’s dry weight level: How much fluid do you need to remove during the dialysis session.

Understanding the cause of intradialytic hypotension or hypertension events.

Determining what medication to prescribe in order to keep blood pressure stable during and after the treatment.


Accurate dry weight – no guessing.

Easy to determine which medication to prescribe.

Significant decrease in intradialytic hypotension/hypertension events.

Dialysis In Numbers:

80% of end-stage kidney disease patients are expected to receive home dialysis or kidney transplants, By 2025.

88% of patients receive treatment at dialysis centers.

$84B – Medicare’s annual spending on CKD patients.

hemodynamic monitoring system

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