The effect of intradialytic volume change on cardiovascular hemodynamics

Nathan W Levin MD FACP1, Marcia H. F. G de Abreu MD2, Lucas E. Borges MD, Helcio A. Tavares Filho, Rabia Sarwar, MD3Surendra Gupta, MD, Tahir Hafeez MD, Shaul Lev, MD, Caroline Williams, RD,

For the first time online examination of changes in cardiac function and peripheral resistance in relationship to volume removal has been demonstrated in routine dialysis patients utilizing a regional cardiography device.
The results of the study of 52 patients over 236 treatments show a clear differentiation of causes for intradialytic hypotension (IDH) can improve our treatment.

FA002 – ASN 2016 Poster – The effect of intradialytic volume change on hemodynamics

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