Heart Failure

NICaS is designed to help health providers to improve patient’s care and lower heart failure readmission rates, by providing caretakers with accurate information on patient hemodynamic status, allowing them to personalize the treatment and titrate medication if needed.


Determining the different causes of acute or chronic hemodynamic instability.

Over-or under-prescribing diuretics for the HF patient.

Viewing trends in hemodynamic status throughout the patient’s treatment period in the community setting or in the hospital.


Trends in a hemodynamic profile are viewed on a specially designed screen that is easy to understand.

Decisions on which medication to administer are facilitated.

Our clients report a 95% decrease in readmission.

Heart Failure In Numbers:

6.5M – Approximately 6.5 million adults in the United States are diagnosed with heart failure each year.

1 IN 8 People – Heart failure was a contributing cause of 1 in every 8 deaths in 2020.

$30.7B – Heart failure costs the U.S. an estimated $30.7 billion annually.

Readmission & Hospitalization Reduction

Heart failure is responsible for 11 million physician visits each year and leads to more hospitalizations than all forms of cancer combined.

NICaS can help reduce hospitalization and readmission rates. This technology can assist in the assessment and management of CHF patients in various settings.

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