The Clinical Research of NICaS for Monitoring Changes of Cardiac Function in Patients with Sepsis (part 2)

Zhu Yan
Second Military Medical University


(1) In patients with sepsis thrombocytopenia, a high SOFA score indicates that the patient is in critical condition and the prognosis is poor.

(2) sepsis patients with too fast a heart rate suggest poor prognosis.

(3) The response of the cardiovascular system was closely related to the prognosis of the dobutamine stress test. The related indexes (such as SVI, CI, GGI, CPI) in the survival group were significantly higher than those in the death group. Cardiovascular system responsiveness under catecholamine stress is more predictive than the initial hemodynamic index, and the prognosis is superior to nonresponsibility in terms of prognosis.

(4)ΔCI is an independent predictor of death in patients with septic shock, and ΔTPRI is an independent predictor of death.

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