The NICaS Dashboard is a cloud-based platform offering management of multiple NICaS test results and devices. The Dashboard is designed specifically for operational needs and allows the medical team to review and manage the patient’s hemodynamic data from a remote location.

Main Features

NICaS Dashboard is easily customizable and provides easy integration into your current EMR/EHR system. With its clear and intuitive UI, It offers:

  • Management of test results from all connected NICaS devices;
  • Monitoring of NICaS patients;
  • Use by any operator;
  • Cloud-based and remote connectivity;
  • Easy customization of the presented parameters, according to your own preferences;
  • E-prescribing connectivity (according to EMR/EHR).
  • All NICaS device data and patient exams can be transmitted directly to the NICaS Dashboard, allowing you to manage your various NICaS activities remotely.
  • For more information about the NICaS Dashboard and how you can integrate it into your practice, contact us. 

The Dashboard is part of the NICaS Ecosystem. 

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