Skilled Nursing Facilities

The NICaS non-invasive hemodynamic system enables the decision maker (treating physician, NP, RN) to manage each patient with the help of a personal and comprehensive hemodynamic profile (information otherwise only available in high level hospital care) and continuously balance the patient via drug titration.


Determining the different causes of acute or chronic hemodynamic instability.

Reducing the high readmission rates that cause revenue losses and star rating decreases.

Viewing trends in the hemodynamic status throughout the patient’s treatment.


Better patient treatment: portable, safe, accurate and accessible hemodynamic monitoring.

Remote management: Cloud based central management platform allowing connection to EMR and remote analysis by specialists.

Our clients report a 60.5% cut in all cause related readmissions and 98% for CHF.

Balancing the patient via drug titration will yield a substantial reduction in the patient readmission rates and thus significantly reduces revenue loss and deterioration of the star rating. Moreover, NICaS unique cloud-based central management platform, designed specifically for the SNF operational needs, enables the medical team to review/manage the NICaS hemodynamic data from one location, using a single provider.

SNF In Numbers:

24.9% – The average readmission rate to a SNF.
36% of skilled nursing facilities saw a drop in their star rating in 2019.
$400k – Is the average amount that SNFs lose per year due to HF readmissions

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