Training & Support

The NI Medical team is composed of professionals from a wide range of specialties, and our broad experience will provide you, our customer, with a variety of high-standard professional training & support options.

The NICaS Knowledge Center

An online platform for our partners and users, for accessing all the information you might need for your ultimate NICaS experience. The Knowledge Center will allow you to always stay up to date with the newest NICaS marketing, training & supporting tools available.


The NICaS Simulator provides you with real-life NICaS test scenarios. Our Simulator was developed with the newest 3D technology to give you the most accurate NICaS experience.

It will help you to verify and practice your skills with NICaS, optimizing your training and giving you confidence while performing a NICaS test.

NICaS Clinical Education Training Program

Our clinical education training program will navigate you through the steps of becoming a NICaS user, and provide you with help and support to any query you will have along the way.

IT: Integration & Customization

In NI Medical, we care about your user experience and we are happy to offer and provide you with a tailor-made solution that will optimize your use of NICaS and suit your specific needs. We can provide integration to your own management system and build customized reports that will show you what you wish to see, in the way you want to see it.



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Cloud Integration

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Data Management

Customer Empowerment

Customer Portal

NICaS Simulator

NICaS User Certification

Superuser Training

Clinical Services

Clinical Education

Clinical Data
Evaluation Analysis


Future Product Development

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Report Customization

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