NICaS is a non-invasive, easy to use and cost-effective hemodynamics and fluids management solution, that provides accurate assessment of your cardiovascular, respiratory and fluid status. The system enables your treating physician to better understand the condition of your heart and your vascular system, as well as your fluid status.

All-Round Solution

Our solution is composed of a module, a set of cables, a pair of sensors, and our proprietary software. The solution provides real-time data on various parameters of a patient’s cardio-vascular function and fluid status.

Its high accuracy and responsiveness to cardiac and fluid changes make it an effective, non-invasive tool for treatment management.

The data from any given reading session is displayed on the screen according to the different parameters. You can issue and save patient reports, view and monitor trends in patients’ heart conditions and prescribe their treatment accordingly. The system also provides historical data and comparative reports.

NICaS’ measurements cover various cardiac function parameters, including the left ventricular function. Each session provides a variety of parameters, as can be seen in our Technology page. 

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