Noninvasive and simple assessment of cardiac output and pulmonary vascular resistance with whole-body impedance cardiography is useful for monitoring patients with pulmonary hypertension

Cardiac Power Index (CPI) is a novel parameter calculated by CI*MAP and is considered to be a reliable indicator of myocardial contractility. Previous studies done by RHC technique demonstrated that CPI is the best in-hospital mortality predictor4,5,6. The target of this study was to find whether non-invasively measured CPI has a good predictive capability for mid to long-term (6 months) survival.

Non-invasively measured CPI was found to be the best 6-month mortality predictor for patients admitted to the ICU for all-cause other than Sepsis shock.
A cut-off CPI value of lower than 0.30 w/m2 was found to be the best 6-month mortality predictor. The finding of the present study suggests that non invasively CPI, measured by whole-body bioimpedance could serve as a reliable screening parameter to identify patients with a high probability of death within 6 months.

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