Heart Failure

NICaS Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR™ system is helping health providers to improve patient's care, and to lower heart failure readmission rates, by providing the care takers with accurate information, specific for each patient, otherwise available only in high level hospital care facilities.



Approximately 6.5 million adults in the United States are diagnosed with heart failure each year.


Heart failure was a contributing cause of 1 in every 8 deaths in 2017.


Heart failure costs the U.S. an estimated $30.7 billion annually.

HEART FAILURE challenges

Determining the different causes of acute or chronic hemodynamic instability

Over or Under-prescribing diuretics for the HF patient

Viewing trends in hemodynamic status throughout the patient’s treatment period in the community clinic or in the hospital.


NICaS Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR System provides each patient with a personal hemodynamic profile (information otherwise available only in high level hospital care). By utilizing this information, healthcare providers are able to better treat their heart patients, resulting in a substantial reduction in readmission rates, thus lowering the economic, as well as clinical, burden of HF and CHF. 

Trends in hemodynamic profile are viewed on a specially designed screen that is easy to understand.

Decision on which medication to administer are facilitated.

Our clients report a 95% decrease in readmission.


Nicas treatment of heart failure - Frequently Asked Questions

Ni Medigcal’s technological innovation addresses to challenges such as:
– Determining different causes of chronic hemodynamic instability

– Excessive or missing diuretics for HF patient

– Monitoring the patient’s hemodynamic status in the community clinic or hospital.

Ni Medigcal’s technological innovation is offering major solutions:

– Viewing and monitoring the hemodynamic profile in a user-friendly interface

– Difficult decisions on which medications to give are significantly facilitated

The NICaS has been shown to be very useful in optimization of hypertension therapy, chronic heart failure patients care, Dialysis patients management, OBGYN, Drug titration and more.