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Hemodynamic Monitoring systems

An ideal solution for:
In Hospital: Hemodynamic and fluid management
Out patient: Heart Failure management and Hypetention control

Our Vision:
To deliver non invasive cardiac output
measurement as a standard of care to keep
cardiovascular patients out of hospital.

The Heart Failure Paradox

National Heart & Lung Institute, Harefiels Hospital, Imperial College, London;
Acute Cardiovascular Care (ACCA) Conference, Vienna October 2015

- “Guidelines and ‘evidence’ do not mandate measurement of
hemodynamics in acute HF.

- Clinical practice is based on making accurate clinical estimates
of hemodynamics in order to decide on treatments!

- Clearly there has been a problem with the technology up until
now as it is invasive and therefore it’s been short term.

- What we need is to be able to continuously improve the hemodynamics.

- Catch-22: if you can’t measure it, you can’t treat it.

- We have no easy method of measuring cardiac output up until now,
but perhaps with the use of bio impedance technology (NICaS) we will
be able to do that and help our patients.

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Prof. John Cleland


Non Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring

Our Products Have Received The Following Regulatory Approvals/Clearances:


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Our products are noninvasive and easy to use, they are being used in a variety of healthcare setting from hospitals, to clinics, to physician offices, to patients homes.


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Clinical Applications

Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output are basic vital signs that can help physicians to better treat their patients in a wide clinical applications.
As the traditional methods to measure these parameters require the insertion of a catheter, the utilization of these parameters is limited.
Our Non Invasive technology enable physicians, whenever they are, to measure these parameters easily and cost effectively.

Heart Failure


Pacemaker and CRT Optimization

Hemodynamics monitoring during anesthesia

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