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We pursue to establish our flagship solution – NICaS – and its ecosystem, which is based on our advanced, proprietary patented technology, as the preferred solution to the various challenges in cardiovascular disease management.


The NICaS Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR™(US Patent) is a revolutionary tool that provides the physician with an easy way to navigate their patient’s hemodynamic condition.

NICaS is a non-invasive, easy to use and cost-effective hemodynamics and fluids management solution, that provides accurate assessment of your cardiovascular, respiratory and fluid status. The system enables your treating physician to better understand the condition of your heart and your vascular system, as well as your fluid status.

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non invasive cardiac output monitoring

NICaS Sensors

Each NICaS exam is performed with our proprietary, patented sensors.

The sensors contain a special gel that ensures that each measurement performed is as accurate as the previous one.

The sensors are designed to provide precise, reliable data for either a single session (for outpatient treatments) or continuous monitoring of up to 24 hours in acute settings.

NICaS Dashboard

The NICaS Dashboard, a brand-new cloud-based platform offering a multiple NICaS test results and devices management, connecting your NICaS units from everywhere.

Knowledge Center

The NICaS Knowledge Center is an online platform for our partners and users, for accessing all the information you might need for your ultimate NICaS experience.

The Knowledge Center will allow you to always stay up to date with the newest NICaS supporting tools available.

The Knowledge Center provides you with:

& User Materials

Q&A Videos

Clinical & Training

NICaS Simulator

NICaS Technology

Healthcare is becoming more focused on remote treatment, taking the patient out of the acute care settings, to the outpatient practices.

Since common testing methods (that measure parameters such as stroke volume and cardiac output) require invasive procedures, such as the insertion of a catheter, the use and measurement of these parameters in diagnosing heart patients are limited.

Managing patients with cardiovascular disease is a big challenge to physicians, due to the lack of information and feedback regarding the success of the treatment, which sometimes leaves physicians in uncertainty.

NICaS technology provides you with a personalized profile, which enables personalized treatment.

Segments Benefits


You will love NICaS - the exam is non-invasive and painless. It requires only two sensors with no need for shaving or undressing.

NICaS enables your treating physician to better understand the condition of your heart and your vascular system, as well as your fluid status.

By utilizing the NICaS information, the physician is able to significantly improve diagnostic accuracy, as well as prescription effectiveness.

You'll get your full hemodynamic assessment in a couple of quick and easy steps!

NICaS Operator
Healthcare professional

NICaS is light, compact and easy to assemble. In a couple of quick and easy steps, the patient receives its full hemodynamic assessment. Also, It is intuitive and has a quick learning curve. NICaS is convenient for both patient and caregiver since it requires only two noninvasive sensors, with no need for shaving or undressing.

It is suitable for the outpatient and homecare professionals as well as for the hospital settings.


NICaS provides you with the full patients’ hemodynamic status, with maximum accuracy. It reveals the smallest hemodynamic changes and provides reproducible results.

The NICaS Navigator shows you, the Physician, the cause of the instability - not only the symptom. No need to second guess – you will be able to improve the treatment and medication adjustment process.

In addition, the innovative NICaS web platform can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to manage your patients remotely.


NICaS is an easy-to-use and cost-effective hemodynamic and fluid management solution uniquely designed to enable physicians to measure various hemodynamic parameters.

It reduces hospitalization and readmission rates, while improving the treatment process by assessing and managing patients with heart failure and other chronic conditions. NICaS can be used in many clinical settings such as clinics, skilled nursing facilities, patients' homes, and hospitals.

In addition, the innovative NICaS web platform can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to manage multiple NICaS activities remotely.


NICaS is one of the most innovative hemodynamic management solutions in the market today , resolving common financial and clinical challenges.

It will allow you to stand out in the healthcare market by offering the most accurate and clinically validated solution for healthcare organizations that are involved in heart failure, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as: homecare, outpatient clinics, hospitals.

NICaS is noninvasive, mobile and allows remote connectivity, providing you with endless market opportunities, thanks to its versatility.

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