Hypertension control

Noninvasive Solution for Testing, Treatment and Control of Hemodynamic Hypertension


Hypertension solution

NICaS enables the treating physicians to isolate the exact cause of hypertension, based on each patient’s objective hemodynamic parameters. These parameters allow the physician a “deeper” understanding of the total dynamics responsible for each patient’s hypertension. With NICaS, physicians can be more effective in prescribing the proper medication for hypertension.

Recent studies and customer experience show an improvement in hypertension control to above 90%.

Personalized treatment according to individual hemodynamic profiles —no more guessing which medication to prescribe.


Hypertension challenges


There are approximately 130 million hypertension patients in the U.S.


157 million physician office visits due to hypertension in 2014


High blood pressure costs the U.S. approximately $131 billion each year.

Only 1 in 4 adults (24%) with hypertension have their condition under control

Current statistically based protocols are only partially successful in controlling hypertension (54%)

Very difficult to determine the underlying cause of HTN without a complete hemodynamic profile of the patient

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Improving treatment methods to Hypertension and high blood pressure

Hypertension is a hemodynamic related disorder, that causes blood pressure to rise as the result of one of a few factors, or a combination of a few. These factors are: increased SVR (systemic vascular resistance), cardiac output and fluid volume. Using  anti-hypertensive agents can help lower Blood pressure by reducing  one or a few of these factors.

Hemodynamic information about hypertension and blood pressure issues, could improve the treatment methods and therapy and help improve blood pressure control.

Impedance cardiography with the NI Medical system – A noninvasive hypertension solution

Impedance cardiography is a reliable noninvasive method to measure hemodynamics in hospitals, care centres and physician offices. Impedance cardiography can improve blood pressure control rates in hypertension treated by hypertension specialists. The Nicas Ecosystem is one of the best non-invasive hemodynamic contreol system and easy-to-use and reliable hypertension and fluid management solution 

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