Bioimpedance based clinical decision making in hemodialysis patients decreases episodes of hypotension

Authors: Katzir, Zeev; Petrohno, Oksana; Leiba, Adi; Sharipov, Tatiana; Rubin, Olga; Gaber, Yahya; Hausman, Michel Conclusion: These preliminary results suggest that clinical decision-making based on bio-impedance monitoring, when applied to new HD patients from the very beginning of their HD treatments, might confer a benefit in reducing hypotensive episodes and resultant hospitalizations. Our study is […]

A Novel Hypertension Management Algorithm Guided by Hemodynamic Data

Authors: Barbara Greco, Yossi Chait, Brian Nathanson, Michael J. Germain Conclusion: This pragmatic continuous quality improvement program reveals the feasibility and effectiveness of a hemodynamically directed management algorithm to individualize hypertension management in busy nephrology practice. This approach was associated with improved brachial and central BP control and normalization of cardiovascular hemodynamics in a cohort […]

Directed antihypertensive therapy improves growth restriction and perinatal mortality in women with chronic hypertension

Authors: David Chaffin, Jesse Cottrell, Kelly Cummings, David Jude Conclusion: Impedance cardiography-directed antihypertensive therapy during early pregnancy allows for informed initiation and titration of blood pressure medications. This low-cost and non-invasive test should be considered for optimizing outcomes in pregnancies complicated by maternal chronic hypertension. For the full article click here