Directed antihypertensive therapy improves growth restriction and perinatal mortality in women with chronic hypertension

Authors: David Chaffin, Jesse Cottrell, Kelly Cummings, David Jude Conclusion: Impedance cardiography-directed antihypertensive therapy during early pregnancy allows for informed initiation and titration of blood pressure medications. This low-cost and non-invasive test should be considered for optimizing outcomes in pregnancies complicated by maternal chronic hypertension. For the full article click here  

Pregnancy outcomes of massively obese hypertensive gravidas

Authors: David G.Chaffin Jr. Jessica Granger Conclusion: In massively obese women with preexisting hypertension, hemodynamically guided treatment results in fewer cases of severe preeclampsia and fewer maternal and neonatal hospital days. For the full article click here

Cardiac hemodynamics in labor and postpartum – a new look into physiology

Authors: Eran Ashwal, Liran Hiersch, Yehuda Pauzner, Avital Wertheimer, Amir Aviram, Arnon Wiznitzer, Yariv Yogev Conclusion: The hemodynamic physiology of labor is characterized by significant changes between the latent phase and the active phase followed by a relatively constant state throughout labor and an opposite change within 48 hours postpartum For the full article click […]

Cardiac index in pregnancy – friend or foe

Authors: Maya Ram, Anat Lavie, Shaul Lev, Yair Blecher, Yael Shulman, Tomer Avnon, Eran Weiner, Ariel Many Conclusion: The purpose of the study was to assess the reliability of CO vs. CI in healthy pregnant women at term. The Pearson correlation between the BSA and CO was poor. The researchers found that in pregnant women […]