The advantages of NICaS Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR

Her are some of the advantages of the NICaS Hemodynamic NAVIGATOR

  • NICaS helps reduce heart failure admissions and readmissions  to intensive care units.
  • NICaS is an accurate tool and therefore is efficient in managing difficult patients with heart failure
  • NICaS affords a comfort level for medication titration not previously seen in these patients
  • NICaS will identify patients with impending heart failure before they decompensate allowing time to make necessary adjustments that will prevent the decompensation of inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body, which can be due to a pumping or a relaxing problem of the heart.

Heart failure affects over six million people in the United States with more than 650,000 new cases every year. The majority of admissions to the hospitals and in cardiac intensive care units for heart failure are, in fact –  readmissions. more than twenty percent of the people discharged from the hospitals with heart failure will be readmitted within a month, and more than 40%  will be readmitted within six months.
The reasons for the huge financial and functional burden of heart failure are many including an incomplete understanding of the pathophysiology of heart failure, suboptimal use of evidence based therapies and lack of a clinically useful, accurate and consistent means of assessing patients’s cardiovascular physiology in real-time.

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