reducing stay time in ICU

Reducing stay time in Cardiac Intensive Care Units with the NICAS monitor.
Optimizing treatment methods in ICU for heart or hypertensive patients.
reducing patients stay time and readmissions to hospitals and Cardiac ICU.


The average cost per day of a bed
in a U.S. ICU


Approximate total annual U.S. ICU cost


4.1% of the national health expenditures



Assess fluid status and fluid responsiveness

Monitor and treat hypotensive/hypertensive patients

Evaluate drug response and drug titration online



NICaS can assist physicians in determining the patient’s body composition. With NICaS, physicians can also determine the cause of hypertension or hypotension, based on each patient’s objective hemodynamic parameters. These parameters provide the physician with a deeper understanding of the total dynamics that cause patients’ individual hemodynamic status and fluctuations.

NICaS helps physicians be more effective in determining the proper dry weight, fluid volume status and prescription orders. With NICaS, they can prescribe the proper medication that best addresses the specific cause of each condition.

What’s more, NICaS helps reduce the length of hospital stay and/or patient mortality.

Personalized treatment according to individual hemodynamic profiles – Stop guessing what medication to administer

View trends of the hemodynamic profile on a specially designed screen that is easy to operate and understand

reduced stay time and reduced readmission rate to hospital and intensive care units for heart failure