Impedance cardiography revisited – a comparison to Thoracic Impedance

G Cotter, A Schachner, L Sasson, H Dekel and Y Moshkovitz.
Impedance cardiography revisited (comparison to Thoracic Impedance)

The study shows that if the electrodes are placed on one wrist and on a contralateral ankle instead of on the chest, a configuration designated as regional impedance cardiography (RIC), the 2SD limit of agreement between RIC and TD is +/-1.0 l min(-1), approximately 20% disparity between the two methods.

Physiological Measurement 27 (2006) 817-827, July 2006 Yusuke Tanino et al.
Whole Body Bioimpedance Monitoring for Outpatient Chronic Heart Failure Follow up, circulation Journal 73:1074-1079, June 2009

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