Hemodynamic Navigator – Impedance Cardiography of patients

 Impedance Cardiography Navigator – our main Features

  • noninvasive cardiac system, easy to use – no need for patient to undress.
  • A multi-dimensional graphic display of patient’s fluids, hemodynamic status and Cardio-pulmonary Function.
  • The only Impedance technology that meets FDA guidelines for statistical bioequivalent to thermodilution.
  • Regional Impedance Cardiography – the only technology that measures continuous Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Cardiac Power Index, Total Peripheral Resistance, Left ventricle systolic function and Total Body Water.
  • Enables to determine patient’s Preload, Contractility or Afterloadwhich can lead to an effective management of fluids, catecholamine and inotropes.
  • Provides RealTime data on patient Hemodynamic Parameters orHypotention or Hypertension.
  • Strong and clean signal, taken from the radial and posteriors tibialis arteries, results in high accuracy and reproducibility.

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