COVID-19 : obligation to wear masks in an open area abolished In Israel

The obligation to wear masks in an open area, to protect the public form covid 19,  has been abolished in the State of Israel, as to this morning.
The director general of the Ministry of Health signed the order, in a decision made due to the low morbidity data throughout the country and following the recommendation of health professionals. The ministry reiterated that it is still mandatory to wear masks indoors: ”


The obligation to wear masks in an open area has been abolished since this morning in the State of Israel, but there is still an obligation to wear them in a closed area. The Ministry of Health approved the relief following the low morbidity data across the country, and the director general of the ministry signed the order approving the move.

This means that you can stay in open areas where there is no gathering without a mask. The same goes for personal living space, “said the Ministry of Health, emphasizing that in areas that are not open, care must still be taken to wear a mask.

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