Readmission rates Reduction –  reducing Hospital readmissions of heart failure patients


 Readmission Reduction NI Medical  is a leading biotechnology company, and the  developer  of a whole body bioimpedance systems. Our non invasive cardiac output system has the  potential to help in Readmission Reduction. By using our technology we can assist in the assessment and management of residents with CHF ( Chronic heart failure) in  nursing home settings.

Readmission Reduction of cardiac heart patients with Nicas

Heart failure is a syndrome of inadequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body, which can be due to a pumping or a relaxing problem of the heart. Many different cardiac disease states will present with heart failure. Heart failure affects  millions of people in the USA , with more then  700,000 new cases every year. The majority of admissions to the hospital for heart failure are, in fact, readmissions for heart failure. Approximately 24 percent of the people discharged from the hospital with heart failure will be readmitted within 30 days and more the half of them will be readmitted within 6 months. Heart failure is the number one Medicare discharge diagnosis and the direct and indirect costs of heart failure are about $40 billion annually.

Hospital  Readmission reduction (heart failure) – NI-MEDICAL system


Hospital  Readmission reduction rates with Nicas

  1. The Cardiac 360 Program utilizing NICaS technology provided by NI-Medical can effectively provide Readmission Reduction, reduce heart failure admissions and readmissions from the nursing home back to the hospital;
    2. The physician or nurse practitioner must understand the NICaS reading and common reasons for abnormalities encountered. The NICaS alone is insufficient to guide patient care without the proper training;
    3. The NICaS is accurate, but more importantly, it is consistent. This allows one to assess the clinical response to medication adjustments in a resident over time;
    4. The NICaS takes the guesswork out of managing difficult residents with heart failure. It facilitates expeditious optimization of these residents;
    5.Nicas enables medication titration not previously seen in these residents;
    6. The use of NICaS will, undoubtedly, result in less unanticipated discharges from the NH for decompensated heart failure when used by properly trained clinicians;
    7. NICaS helps identify residents with impending heart failure before they decompensate allowing time to make necessary adjustments that will prevent the decompensation.




Frequently Asked Questions

Most admissions to the hospital for heart failure are in fact readmissions.
Thanks to the Cardiac 360 Program utilizing NICaS technology provided by NI-Medical can effectively reduce readmission, heart failure admissions and reduce readmissions from the nursing home back to the hospital as well.

NICaS have been shown to be very effective in reducing patient’s readmission rates, the reason for that is that the NICaS can provide with information that otherwise available only in acute hospital settings.