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Hemodynamic Monitoring


Hemodynamic Monitoring

Our approach for Hemodynamic monitoring includes noninvasive measurements of hemodynamic parameters by the Non Invasive Cardiac System (NICaS) and trend the data by the Hemodynamic Navigator™. The Hemodynamic Navigator™ is a novel multi-dimensional representation of the cardiovascular status. It provides a good understanding of the interrelations between the cardiac power and the vascular resistance, Hans enables to guide therapy of many cardiovascular syndromes into a better hemodynamic state.

The Hemodynamic Navigator consists of 2 graphs: Cardiovascular status and cardiac function.
The Cardiovascular status graph consists of the Cardiac Output Index (CI) as the X-axis, the Blood pressure as the Y-axis and lines of Total Peripheral Resistance Index (TPRI) and Cardiac Power Index (CPI). In addition, the normal range is marked by green lines. Patient’s cardiovascular status represents by a black dot. A red triangle and a blue square represent the systolic and diastolic blood pressure respectively.

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The Cardiac Function graph consists of the Heart Rate (HR) in the X-axis, the Stroke Volume Index (SI) in the y-axis and lines of the Cardiac Output Index (CI). In addition, the normal range is marked by green lines. Patient’s cardiac function represents by a black dot.

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The 2 graphs (Cardiovascular Status and Cardiac Function) provide a very clear understanding of patient’s pathophysiology by the location of the black dots. Various areas represent different syndromes, as can be seen on the graph below, while the respond to treatment or trend over time is very clear.
The Hemodynamic Navigator is very effective to manage patients with Hypertension, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Patients hospitalized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology departments. In addition, it is an effective tool support drug titration in ICU and ICCU.

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