The world's leading developer
and manufacturer of whole body
bioimpedance systems

About Us

NIMedical is a biotechnology company, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of whole body bioimpedance systems, the Non Invasive Cardiac System (NICaS) and the Hemodynamic Navigator.

Our Vision:

To provide noninvasive cardiac output measurement as a standard of care for hemodynamic management of cardiovascular patients. This will:

  • Reduce length of stay in hospital
  • Significantly improve patients’ medical outcome
  • Keep patients out of hospital
  • Provide good medical practice

Our Technology- Non Invasive Monitoring:

The only noninvasive technology to continuously measure peripheral blood flow, resistance and fluids. The measurement is done by placing two disposable sensors on the patient’s wrist and contralateral ankle. The display provides patient’s hemodynamic trends (including Stroke volume, Cardiac output, Total peripheral resistance, Cardiac power and Total body water) which enable clinicians to facilitate optimal treatment and quick monitored response.


The NICaS, is a state of the art, low cost and easy to use cardiac monitor that can significantly improve the management of cardiovascular patients. NICaS is designed to be used by clinicians in Hospitals, outpatient Facilities, and Home Healthcare programs. The Hemodynamic Navigator is a sophisticated graphic display that provides a simple and clear trend of patient’s hemodynamics. Our next generation product, currently under development, is designed as a Smartphone application to be used at home by the patient as a telemedicine device, transmitting physiological data to the physician for evaluation. This would be revolutionary in the management of cardiovascular patients resulting in significant reduction of hospitalizations and savings to the healthcare system.

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Our Whole Body Bio-impedance technology provides superior accuracy and consistency compared to other forms of bio-impedance (e.g., thoracic bio-impedance). Hundreds of comparisons demonstrated a very good correlation with gold standard pulmonary artery catheter thermodilution (r=0.90, Bias=-0.114, precision=0.982). Our technology has met the FDA’s standard for claiming statistical bioequivalence to thermodilution.

Market description:

NICaS is designed to facilitate diagnosis and to guide therapeutic care of cardiovascular patients. Currently, we initially focus on four clinical applications: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), ICU/ICCU, Anesthesiology/ Operating theaters and Hemodialysis.

  • CHF: These patients represent the most costly group of patients in the entire health care system. The primary complication of CHF is the inability of a patient’s heart to pump a sufficient amount of blood to meet the patient’s metabolic demands. Consequently, the ability of NICaS to objectively measure and document changes in hemodynamic parameters over time and with various therapies is critical in successfully managing these challenging patients. Anticipated results from recent successful testing are reduced hospital admission rates, significant saving to the healthcare system and increase in patients’ quality of life.
  • ICU/ICCU: trending of Cardiac output in addition to blood pressure is crucial to prevent hypo perfusion and to guide fluid administration and vasodilation therapy of these patients. Currently, only few patients receive such monitoring due to the invasive nature of methods presently available. This results in treatments as per statistical based protocols which are compromised for the individual patient. NICaS enable clinicians to adjust treatment as per each patient’s specific hemodynamic profile which may lead to optimal outcomes.
  • Anesthesiology/Operating theaters: NICaS ability to trend patients Stroke volume, Peripheral resistance and fluids during surgeries provide the anesthesiologists a useful tool to better manage parents’ hemodynamic.
  • Hemodialysis: NICaS can help nephrologists to better manage patients’ blood pressure during hemodialysis by trending their cardiac output during treatment. This enables to determine if intra dialytic hypotension is due to low preload or due to vasodilation.
  • Additional clinical applications include hypertension control, trending pregnancies at risk (preeclampsia), newborn and neonatal and pharma clinical trials.

Regulatory Approvals / Clearances for our non invasive monitoring  :

ISO 13485; US FDA 510(k), European CE Mark, Canadian MDL, Japanese PMDA (Shonin), China CFDA, Australia and Israeli AMAR.

Intellectual property:

Our algorithms and disposable sensors are protected by patents dated 2006, 2012 and 2015. Our Hemodynamic Navigator is patent pending.